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The ‘Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Journeys’© of Expedition Far East are conducted and supervised by experienced overlanders who all have a 4×4 overland truck, to support you in any situation professionally and with the right equipment. According to our view, the only responsible choice of vehicle for guiding journeys and tours to unknown places. That those experienced travellers have seen a lot of the world speaks for itself. The extensive knowledge, experience, the organizational capacity, the passion for travelling are elements that are ideally suited for this responsible job!


Our tour guides take work and organization out of your hands and help and assist you in unknown or difficult situations. Consider the often complicated border passages and f.e in case of sickness or a breakdown. They also provide you of safe overnight locations and solve practical problems together with you along the road. The routes are prepared and worked out with a research-tour investigation, we have selected special and unique sites and locations for you and where necessary, guides and interpreters are contracted.

In addition to the guidance and assistance along the journey by the tour guides of Expedition Far East also offer a secure backup and a listening ear. And of course it is also very cozy and sociable to travel together with like-minded travellers. In our ‘Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Journeys’© you as an individual are never alone in case of any calamities!

Hans Schrijen & Nancy Verheijen


Travelling is in our blood. For seven years we travelled all over the world with our 4 × 4 overland truck, drove more than 250.000 km and visited 52 countries over the years. Who we are? We are Nancy Verheijen and Hans Schrijen, two enthusiastic, enterprising and passionate world travellers.

During our travels, at fairs and travellers meetings in Europe, we met many travellers who would like to make huge journeys. For various reasons, many travellers do not want to undertake such big long adventure alone by themselves, as we have done for years. To join at massive group tours they also don’t wish to do. As an individual taking part in an organized tour with like-minded people, in small groups, which is what most travellers indicated as their wish how they prefer to travel on a journey. But where do you find a suitable travel company that offers this type of travel? That is why we keep getting the question:

“Can we join you at the journey?”

With our experiences from the past, running a bigger business, we have established Expedition Far East in the beginning of 2013. We have listened carefully to the specific needs of different travellers and after our inventory, we developed the following concept:

Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Journeys ©

We are confident that our expertise and extensive network that we have built during our travels, for many future travellers will be an outcome and will make the travelling to unknown destinations possible. We hope in this way to share our passion with other travellers.

Nancy & Hans