Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Journey



Our way of travelling


As said we are going to travel individually. Every day you will drive at your own speed and pace. You can start the day tour at the time you prefer and you can stop as many times as you like to your own interests and needs. Visit the sightseeing’s you wish to and you will have the security of a backup in the form of fellow travellers and the tour guidance that travel in your vicinity. At the end of the day you are assured of a place to stay and where you can share your experiences with your fellow travellers.

The route we load in your navigation device, serves as a leading route for the day tour and with the Expedition Far East Road-Book © you will find the in and outs of the journey easily at your own. In our Road-Book © you will find information about the roads, attractions, interesting facts and the access route to the next overnight stay and the GPS coordinates.

Few obligations, as far as possible individual freedom!


Travelling with the concept of Expedition Far East is making a journey that you will drive with your own Motorhome, Overland Vehicle, 4×4 Overland Vehicle. We only travel in small groups of 6 vehicles and a maximum of 12 vehicles. In this way we still have the opportunity to arrive and stay at special locations more easily, don’t overwhelm the local people with a large group and we will have lots of occasions that we meet people in a original way.


We do not drive in convoy. Firstly, this is not what most travellers prefer to do. Secondly, it is also much safer and you do not need to keep constantly an eye in the mirror for your fellow traveller. Driving up along with another vehicle is of course, a free choice. But even if you drive individually, in the event of an emergency, breakdown or accident, there is always a fellow traveller in the form of a back-up in the immediate vicinity.

It is possible though that governments or local authorities oblige us to drive in convoy. In such case we will have to keep us to that. Border crossings we do as a group together. We gather at a pre-specified place and drive in convoy to the border. Also the arriving at some overnight locations in big cities, we will drive in convoy.
An exception are our ‘Individually Guided Educational Journeys’©. Given the educational nature of this journey is driving in convoy as well as in small groups, a must.


Our ‘Individually Guided Adventurous Overland Journeys’© go through countries with very different customs and habits than we are used to. To our Western European expectations often cannot be met. The population of these countries are often very attached to traditions associated with their faith. Therefore we ask the participants for a flexible attitude and to be open-minded to other cultures. In addition, a good physical and mental health and travel vehicle that is in a fine technical condition.


The route is designed that it includes all the interesting touristic highlights on our route and with a maximum of sights. Partly included in the program, others are optional. Of course, we did take into account the accommodation options, and we have done our best effort to find the most unique overnight places to stay. We will only travel in daytime, unless no other way or choice to over cross a particular part. The daily stages range from 75 to 400 km per day and are so divided that you’ll have enough time to visit sights, to take a break, to do some shopping and to relax. Obviously there are many days that we do not drive, so you can organize the day yourself. Together with the Expedition Far East Road-Book © you have all required information about the route and daily stages within reach.

We travel according to the itinerary designed and researched by Expedition Far East. This route cannot be fixed for 100%. In the countries where we travel through it may happen that we are not able to drive the planned route. This can be because of local or national conditions or by restrictions imposed by governments, extreme weather conditions or changes in road conditions. In such case we will develop an alternative route and inform you.


We will while we travel, barely stay on campsites, for the simple reason, they are none in the areas where we cross. We will stay at safe overnight spots. This will be as far as possible in the wild, and if not possible at hotels, churches, sport complexes or just at a parking or something similar. Therefore it is necessary that you can be self-supporting. Several days in regard to food, sanitary, shower and electricity. If necessary, we will hire security.


Expedition Far East divides its journeys in the following segments: