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Travel guidance searched

At the moment no vacancies.

Expedition Far East is looking for enthusiastic tour guides for our journeys to enlarge our team. Are you a passionate traveller, who likes his travel vehicle on the road and is organizing in your blood, then we have with our journeys a challenge for you. Become a tour guide for the special destinations from Expedition Far East.

Tour guide

Tour guide at Expedition Far East you not just simply become. All tour guides are going to be trained by us. Besides the passion for travelling with your motorhome, your organizational skills are very important. After all, you take responsibility for your fellow travellers and should act appropriately and suggest possible solutions in case of any problems. The tour leader is the first person to ask questions. By flexibility and easy dealing with people, it gives you unnoticed leadership and management of the group.

The ‘Individually Guided Adventurous Overland Journeys’© of Expedition Far East, go to special, unusual destinations. Through countries where it is conceivable that situations of one day to the next can change. It is the necessity of a good tour guide to be creatively and to deal with such circumstances well. You must find it a pleasant challenge to lead such journeys smoothly and in a good way.

A good tour guide also knows how to find the balance between work and personal freedom, during the ‘Individually Guided Adventurous Overland Journey “© of Expedition Far East. In this way you can fully enjoy the beautiful landscapes and nature, culture, sights and the company of your fellow travellers.

What we ask

Tour guide at Expedition Far East

• Enthusiastic and passionate traveller
• Travel- and camping experience with your own camper or travel vehicle
• Own your own motorhome or travel vehicle
• Languages such as English and German, possibly French or Russian
• Good leadership, organizational and communication skills
• Large empathic ability
• Flexible, sporty, energetic and open minded
• Improvisation talent and strong organizational skills
• Age between 40 and 65 years

Tour guides who travel together with their partner are our preference, but it is not a requirement. The tour guide is before and after the journey also available for Expedition Far East

What we offer

Travel and work in one. Tour guides are no volunteers. Despite being a tour guide enjoys as much of the journey as his fellow travellers, there is indeed a responsibility that rests on his or her shoulders. A travel guide of Expedition Far East gets a fee commensurate with the work and the costs this work entail.

Would you like to join our team?

Then we would like to invite you for an interview. Please send or email your CV and motivation why you want to be one of our tour guides and enjoy travelling around the world with our fellow travellers. Do not forget to mention your travel experiences. For questions you can reach us at +31 651 097 032.