Explore Real Russia


Travel with your own motorhome through Belarus and Russia, two leading countries of the former Soviet Union, with unique cultural treasures and history like nowhere else in the world!
A combination motorhome journey through two, for many motorhome travellers yet unknown countries, with rugged old mountain forests, ancient Orthodox churches, immense monasteries, magnificent palaces and cities such as Minsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg!
Get in touch with the friendly hospitable locals and enjoy the National Parks, the UNESCO World Heritage with its many art treasures from ancient times. Visit palaces, where the atmosphere of the old nobility still breathes and feel the old communist era.
A great experience that gets under your skin!



A journey with your own motorhome through the countries of the former Soviet Union such as Belarus and Russia, is a journey through unknown countries with unique cultural treasures, like nowhere else in the world! This journey through the real authentic old Belarus and Russia, along the ancient Orthodox churches, monasteries and magnificent palaces! Besides walks on the Red Square and through the Palace Complex Peterhof (Russian Versailles), the Hermitage, we walk along narrow paths through the forest of the Berezinsky National Park.


Explore Real Russia is a ‘Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Motorhome Journey’©, which you can make with your own motorhome. A journey through Belarus and Russia, for many of us still unknown countries, rich in unspoiled nature and with a rich history. We get in touch with the friendly hospitable locals and enjoy nature in the National Parks. We visit Minsk and also the metropolis Moscow and of course the ancient capital of the Russian Empire -St. Petersburg- with its world-famous Hermitage and Peterhof. Immerse yourself in the ancient history and the many unique cultural treasures!

Through this journey we would like to introduce you to the wealth of the nations and cultures of the countries where we travel through. You will come in contact with many different ethnic groups, each with their own way of life. These people are very friendly, welcoming and curious and look forward to you, both in rural and urban areas. In these countries, there is in many of the areas where we travel through, usually little tourism. Therefore, the population reacts spontaneously and is still really looking forward to the arrival of us as visitors.


• An ‘Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Motorhome Journey’© of  32 days
• Through the still authentic Belarus and Russia
• Wander through the many historical monasteries with its ancient, hidden treasures
• Visit the Mir Castle
• Explore the capital of Belarus, Minsk
• Drive through the country side of Russia
• Visit to Moskow, a metropolis like no other!
• Famous old art treasures and lots of Unesco World Heritage Sites
• Kremlin, St. Basil Kathedral, the Red Square
• St. Petersburg, old capital of the Russian Empire
• Overnight at the Golden Ring, a real magical experience for each traveller
• Meet the hospitable local people
• Visit the Hermitage
• The Golden Ring with cities as Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslavl
• Enjoy the diversity of the culinary Russian Cuisine
• Explore authentic Russia, feel the old Soviet time and the long old turbulent Russian history
• Cultural treasures like nowhere in the world
• Visit special and unique sights

This journey is guided by a professional team of highly experienced overland travellers and various local guides. This international team has been carefully selected to make this journey together with you to an unforgettable adventure.

  • Small groups

    relaxed travelling

  • Up to 12 teams

    relaxing and convenient

  • Always a back-up

    fellow travellers and tour guidance

  • Lots of individual freedom

    own dayschedule

  • Adventurous travelling

    as  pioneers over unknown roads

  • No mandatory convoy driving

    route in navigation device

  • Drive each day at your own pace and speed

    departure whenever you prefer

  • Visit special sights

    far from the beaten touristic paths


32 days | 2.800 km


32 days | 2.800 km


Price & Traveldates


• Per person: € 1895,- based on 2 persons per vehicle
• Solo traveller: on request


• Traveldates: 16 April till 17 Mai 2018 FULL
Second journey 20 April till 21 Mai 2018
• Amount of days: 32
• Start location: Vilnius, Litouwen
• End location: Narva, Estland
• Amount of kilometres ca. 2.800 km
• Suitable for motorhome | travel vehicle | 4×4 travle vehicle
• Number of participants: minimum 6 – maximum 12 vehicles

‘Explore Real Russia’ a journey with unique cultural treasures, like nowhere else in the world!

Inclusive and exclusive


• Experienced and professional guidance speaking Dutch | German | English
‘Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Journey’© of 32 days
• Expedition Far East Road-book©
• Roadmap of Belarus and Russia
• Map for Garmin navigation device with tracks of the journey
• Waypoints for the navigation device
• Overnight stays, excursions, entree fees and meals according the programme
• Consultancy and advice on the equipment of the vehicle
• Reccomandations and advice for the travel pharmacy
• Advice regarding the most necessary spare parts and tools for the vehicle
• Application of the Letter of Invitation for Belarus and Russia
• Assistance with visa application
• Many unique and special excursions, visits to and into Holy Ortodox Churches and monasteries, some with local guides


• Fuel and toll costs and other costs related to the vehicle
• Costs for taking an extra vehicle (quad, motorcycle, scooter etc.)
• Insurance of the vehicle, liability insurance and cancelation insurance
• Visa costs and all related costs to the application of the visa’s, fees and Letters of Invitations
• Walkie-talkies, CB-radio, 2 meterband-radio
• Personal expenditures and tips, entrance tickets, excursions and meals outside the programme
• Optional hotel accommodations during the journey
• Costs for the journey to the starting location and back from the end destination of the journey to home or any place
• SIM cards for mobile phone | internet
• Navigation device
• Vaccinations


• Travelinsurance with coverage for the travelled countries incl. repatriation, medical insurance and cancellation insurance are mandatory
• Experienced travel guidance
• Participant is in sufficient physical and mental health condition to be able to participate on the journey ‘Explore Real Russia’
• The vehicle of the participant is in excellent technical condition
• International participants
• No driving in convoy, unless obliged by (local) authorities, border crossings we do together
•Participants takes part in traffic with his/her own vehicle entirely at his/her own risk


Registration has started! Should you wish to receive a detailed itinerary and conditions please let you know.

You travel the entire journey with your own vehicle and at their own risk and peril.
Expedition Far East cannot be held liable for the selected and actual route taken, the state of roads, pistes and the driving conditions and driving skills of each individual participant

‘Explore Real Russia’ a journey with unique cultural treasures, like nowhere else in the world!



A journey through Belarus and Russia is not an all day journey you ‘just simply’ make. It is a long journey of 32 days, which requires a thorough preparation from both of us, as well the organisation, as you as a participant.

The main goal of this journey is not to enjoy a relaxing holiday, but to get to know and experience the wealth and treasures of the nations and cultures of the countries where we will travel through. We are above all travellers. You will get in contact with many different ethnic and nomadic groups, who each have their own way of life. These local people are very friendly, welcoming and curious about you, as well in rural as urban areas.

In the countries we will visit and the areas, where we will be travelling through there is mostly little tourism, so the local people respond spontaneously to the arrival of us as visitors.

You drive this journey with your own vehicle at your own risk.


To make this motorhome journey not only to a beautiful adventure, but also organizational to a good result, we use during this journey the guidance of a good and knowledgeable team of highly experienced overland travellers. The guidance will be assisted by local guides and interpreters where necessary and they will possibly travel along with us for a part of the journey.

This journey is organised by Expedition Far East. The terms and conditions of Expedition Far East are valid.


Our Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Journeys© goes through countries with very different customs and habits then we are used to. Not often there can be fulfilled to our Western European expectations and standards and there is usually not a luxury campsite available in these countries. Therefore a journey like this demands a flexible altitude of the participants, a good physical and mental condition and health. As well the vehicles have to be in excellent condition.


You drive at your own speed and pace. You will receive the Expedition Far East Road-book© with detailed information and the necessary information on attractions and sights and the GPS coordinates to be able to arrive at the next overnight location. We don’t drive convoy, unless absolutely necessary or when it is obliged by the local governments. You can leave in the morning, whenever it is the most convenient for you and stop as often as you like, to have as much individual freedom as possible. Plenty of time to fully enjoy and in the evening you don’t need extra time to search a safe overnight spot, very relaxing!


An ‘Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Journey©’ of Expedition Far East has many advantages. One of the most important ones is that we only travel in small groups; maximum up to 12 vehicles. Further advantages are; always a back-up from fellow travellers and the journey guidance, the sense of security far away from home, supported by experienced guidance, difficult border crossings we always take as a group together and when necessary, with the help of local guides, a safe overnight place and from special value, cosy spontaneous evenings together, to share our experiences and adventures.


The route and itinerary are designed with the maximum possible interesting touristic highlights and sites are included on our route. Many are included in the program, others are optional. Of course, we also did take into account the overnight places and we have done our best effort to stay at the most beautiful places and locations. The daily distances range from 75 to 400km per day and are so divided that we have enough time to visit the sights and attractions, to take a break, to do some shopping and to relax. Obviously there are many non driving days, so you will be able to organise your own day. You will receive the Expedition Far East Road-book© with the day schedule and lots of tips and information, interesting sights and the overnight location related information and the required GPS coordinates.


For Europeans a valid passport is required that at least is valid for nine months, when we apply for the visa for Belarus and Russia. For both Russia and Belarus is a visa required and the passport must contain for both visa, two blank pages opposite each other. An invitation letter is required for the application of both the visa for Belarus and Russia. It is also required a proof of insurance coverage in these countries.


According to the import regulations of Belarus & Russia, it is illegal to import liquor and smoking articles, above the legal amount, and drugs or weapons.


Female travellers

In Belarus and Russia, women are required when entering a Russian Orthodox church to cover the head.

Why do women cover their heads?
If a woman has long hair, it is an honor for her. The hair is after all given to her as a veil (1 Corinthians 11: 15). Derived from the long hair is the headscarf. A woman does not carry a veil from a sense of shame or submission, but a woman covers her glory and her honor, so that He receives all the glory. She recognizes that His glory is greater than hers. A woman covers herself because female beauty can be very powerful and male believers might distract from prayer. (Source: Orthodox church Hague)

Male travellers

It will not surprise you that men must adhere to the dress code as well. Men should take off their head covering when entering a Russian Orthodox church. Shorts and bermudas are not recommendable, as also shirts  without sleeves.

Sometimes you notice in Belarus and Russia that the above indicated dress codes does not apply, the Orthodox Church can be renamed as museum. Nevertheless, we believe that it does not hurt to do dress a bit more conservatively. In addition, you often gain more respect from the local people.


This journey can be made with an average motorhome, camping car. It is not necessary to have a 4WD, but of course may be very useful, if you have one. It is necessary that you are self-supporting for a few days, regarding food, snitary facilities, shower and electricity. Of course it is recommendable to leave home with a vehicle in a very good technical condition.


The crime rate is very low and the purchasing power of the people is fortunately rising almost everywhere. With our campers we are at no greater risk as when we are travelling through European countries. While we travel through the country, we keep informed during our journey about the security situations in the areas we are going to travel through.


Most of the roads on our route are asphalted, when not necessary we don’t drive over unpaved roads. Often the roads are to be compared with the roads in Europe, sometimes the tarmac is older and a bit more bumpy. In the big cities the roads are often very crowded and it is just as back home in the traffic jams!


We will barely overnight at campsites at this journey, because in the areas we cross, there are none. We will stay at safe overnight places. As far as possible this will be wild camps in free nature and if not possible at hotels, churches, sport complexes or just a parking spot or something similar. Therefore it is necessary that you can be self-supporting for a few days concerning food, bathroom, shower and electricity.


On this journey there are almost no facilities, where we can empty our grey water and toilet in a descent and environmentally friendly way. We are often designated to a place in the nature. It is important to do this at a discreet and appropriate manner, which causes no nuisance to the local residents and their live stock and crops. The use of chemical liquids is strongly discouraged. Instead of using chemicals for the toilet, there is a system on the market, called SOG; what is a good alternative to having to use no more chemicals.


The voltage is 220 volts, sometimes a little lower. Electricity is usually present on campsites, but sometimes to a limited extent.



Getting cash in Belarus is possible at one of the many ATMs with debit or credit card (Maestro logo) except in smaller towns. Money can be changed at banks or exchange offices.

The Belarusian  Rubel (BYR) is the national currency. Due to the constant devaluation of the Belarusian currency, the exchange rate changes constantly, it is advisable to check the current rate (aug 2016).

1 EUR    = 2,19 BYR | 10 BYR = 4,57 EUR
1 CHF    = 2,01 BYR | 10 BYR = 4,97 CHF
1 GBP    = 2,53 BYR | 10 BYR = 3,96 GBP


Getting cash in Russia is possible at one of the many ATMs with debit or credit card (Maestro logo) and creditcards are accepted. Money can be changed at banks or exchange offices.

In Russia the national currency is the Rubel (RUB). Because of the highly fluctuating exchange rates, it is advisable to check the current exchange rate (Aug. 2016).

1 EUR    = 72 RUB | 10 RUB =  0,14 EUR
1 CHF    = 66 RUB | 10 RUB = 0,15 CHF
1 GBP    = 83 RUB | 10 RUB = 0,12 GBP


The network for mobile telephony and the Internet is widespread and of good quality, especially near to the road and in big cities and in densely populated areas.


For Belarus and Russia are no vaccinations required but there are recommended. Think of DTP, Hepatitis A and tick-borne encephalitis. Check with your doctor or healthcentre for update information for a journey to Belarus and Russia and the countries, ou will travel through before this journey. 


Taking your pet on this journey is possible, but has to be notified to the travel organisation, before taking part on the journey.

‘Explore Real Russia’ a journey with unique cultural treasures, like nowhere else in the world!