Experience Pure Morocco


Travel with your own motorhome with us through Morocco and enjoy the magnificent scenery.
Our years of experience will bring you with your own camper to places where others only dream of.
This unique journey doesn’t take us only directly to the desert, but also deeper into the beautiful desert and even over the High Atlas!



Travel with your own motorhome with us through Morocco and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Through our years of experience and the guidance of our expedition truck, you will come with your own camper at places where others only dream of. This unique journey takes us not only to the desert, but also deeper into the desert and even over the High Atlas!

Morocco is a colourful and diverse country and consists not only of a desert but has beside the huge High Atlas, also a beautiful coastline with alternating cliffs, picturesque beaches and hidden coves, located on both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. We first travel through the immense desert, and later through the mountains, where we even manage well with our campers on the route we have designed. Navigating we find our way across the endless plains and pass colourful dunes.


Experience Pure Morocco is a ‘Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Journey’© with many highlights. Enjoying the scenery, the friendly people, the beautiful sunsets, the vast desert and huge mountains, we will really experience this magnificent country at its purest. 


The desert with sand dunes, the High Atlas with the deep ravines and mud kasbahs, cities like Marrakesh, Fes and Chefchaouen. The medinas, souks and mosques, and above all, the welcoming and friendly Moroccan population, will leave an impression on us that we do not soon forget.


• An ‘Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Journey’© of 48 days
• Several wildcamps in the desert
• Relaxing in the de Oase Source Bleue
• Erg Chebbi – the red dunes
• Deserttown Merzouga
• Film coulisse Aït Benhaddou
• Gorge du Dades
• Gorge du Todra
• Over the High Atlas
• White dunes near Mhamid
• Via Foum Zguid to Tata
• Camel market at Guelmin
• At the beach near Plage Blanche
• Tafraoute ’the blue stones
• Essaouiria the white city at the Atlantic Ocean
• Amtoudi to the top of an Agadir
• Visit the Kingcity Marrakesh
• Cascades d’Ouzoud
• Camp at lake at 2000 m
• The Medina of Fes with the ancient old tanneries
• Roman exhumation Volubilis
• Colourful medina in the bleu city Chefchaouen
• Cabo Negro at the Mediterrean Sea

This journey is guided by a professional team of highly experienced overland travellers and various local guides. This international team has been carefully selected to make this journey together with you to an unforgettable adventure.

  • Small groups

    relaxed travelling

  • Up to 12 teams

    relaxed and convenient

  • Always a back-up

    fellow travellers and tour guidance

  • Lots of individual freedom

    own dayschedule

  • Adventurous travelling

    as pioneers over unknown roads

  • No mandatory convoy driving

    route in navigation device

  • drive each day at own pace and speed

    departure whenever you prefer

  • Visit special sights

    far from the beaten touristic paths


48 days | 5.800 km


48 days |  5.800 km

For detailed information or when you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Price & Traveldates


• Per person: € 1.995,- based on 2 persons per vehicle
• Solo-traveller: € 2.595,-


• Traveldates: 24 October to 10 December 2016
• Traveldates: 23 October to 9 December 2017

• Amount of days: 48
• Start location: Motril, Spain
• End location: Algeciras, Spain
• Amount of kilometers: ca. 4.350 km
• Suitable for motorhome | travel vehicle | 4×4 travel vehicle
• Number of participants: minimum 6 – maximum 12 vehicles

Registration has started! Should you wish to receive more detailed information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

‘Experience Pure Morocco’ travelling through real Morocco!

Inclusive and exclusive


• Experienced and professional guidance speaking Dutch | German | English
‘Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Journey’© of 48 days
• Expedition Far East Road-book©
• Map of Morocco
• Map for Garmin navigation device with tracks of the journey
• Waypoints for the navigation device
• Overnight stays, excursions, entree fees and meals according the programme
• Ferry from Motril to Melilla
• Ferry from Tanger Med to Algeciras
• Adventurous journey explored and developed by Expedition Far East
• Many unique and special excursions, visits to and into Holy Islam places, several with local guides


• Fuel, toll costs or any costs related to the vehicles
• Personal expenditures, tips and entrance fees, excursions, meals outside the programme
• Costs for the journey to the start and meeting point of the journey and the way back home
• Simcards for mobile phone | internet
• Navigation device
• Travel, liability and cancellation insurance


• Travel Insurance with world coverage is mandatory repatriation in case of any health emergency, health insurance including coverage for the travelled countries and cancellation insurance are mandatory by participation on this journey
• Travel guidance Nancy Verheijen and Hans Schrijen are very experienced overland travellers travelling with an expedition vehicle from the Netherlands | Developers of this journey
• Travel guidance has an First Aid and AED certificate
• AED is present
• Participant is in sufficient physical and mental health condition to be able to participate on the journey ‘Experience Pure Morocco’
• The vehicle of the participant is in excellent technical condition
• International participants
• No driving in convoy, unless obliged by (local) authorities
• Participants takes part in traffic with his/her own vehicle entirely at his/her own risk

Registration has started! Should you wish to receive more detailed information, don’t hesitate to contact us!
You travel the entire journey with your own vehicle and at their own risk and peril.
Expedition Far East cannot be held liable for the selected and actual route taken, the state of roads, pistes and the driving conditions and driving skills of each individual participant.

‘Experience Pure Morocco’ travelling through real Morocco!



Despite that Morocco is on the African continent, it is much closer to home than we think at first. The crossing from Spain to Morocco does not take longer than an hour, when we take the ferry at the narrowest point, the Strait of Gibraltar. After this hour we end up in a completely different world. Morocco is a country with elegant palaces and lush gardens, souks and medina’s with penetrating and mysterious scents of herbs, snake charmers and tooth pullers and above all a country of hospitality.
The intention and main goal of this journey is twofold, firstly we would like you to enjoy the nature and magnificent panorama’s and unique landscapes. Secondly we would like to introduce you to the wealth of the different culture, diverse population, unique meeting with local Berber people, sparkling and vivid towns and cities of Morocco. And above all, we are travellers. In the areas to the east and south of Morocco, where we travel through, is much less tourism than in the north, so here the local people will really spontaneously respond to our arrival as visitors.
You will drive this journey with your own vehicle at your own risk.


To make this journey not only to a beautiful adventure, but also organizational to a good result, we use during this journey the guidance of a good and knowledgeable team of highly experienced overland travellers. The guidance will be assisted by local guides and interpreters where necessary and they will possibly travel along with us for a part of the journey.

This journey is organised by Expedition Far East. The terms and conditions of Expedition Far East are valid.


This Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Journey© goes through a country with very different customs and habits then we are used to. The population of this mostly Islamic country is strongly interwoven with the traditions related to their religion. Therefore a journey like this demands a flexible altitude of the participants, a good physical and mental condition and health. Also the vehicles have to be in good condition.


You drive at your own speed and pace. You will receive the Expedition Far East Road-book© with detailed information and the necessary information on attractions and sights and the GPS coordinates to be able to arrive at the next overnight location. We don’t drive convoy, unless absolutely necessary or when it is obliged by the local governments. You can leave in the morning, whenever it is the most convenient for you and stop as often as you like, to have as much individual freedom as possible. Plenty of time to fully enjoy and in the evening you don’t need extra time to search a safe overnight spot, very relaxing!


An ‘Individual Guided Adventurous Overland Journey©’ of Expedition Far East has many advantages. One of the most important ones is that we only travel in small groups; maximum up to 12 vehicles. Further advantages are; always a back-up from fellow travellers and the journey guidance, the sense of security far away from home, supported by experienced guidance, difficult border crossings we always take as a group together and when necessary, with the help of local guides, a safe overnight place and from special value, cosy spontaneous evenings together, to share our experiences and adventures.


The route and itinerary are designed with the maximum possible interesting touristic highlights and sites are included on our route. Many are included in the program, others are optional. Of course, we also did take into account the overnight places and we have done our best effort to stay at the most beautiful places and locations. The daily distances range from 75 to 400km per day and are so divided that we have enough time to visit the sights and attractions, to take a break, to do some shopping and to relax. Obviously there are many non driving days, so you will be able to organise your own day. You will receive an Expedition Far East Road-book© with the day schedule and lots of tips and information, interesting sights and the overnight location related information and the required GPS coordinates.


For Europeans a valid passport which must be valid for at least 6 months when leaving Morocco. For Morocco is no visa required with a stay fpr maximum of 90 days.


This journey can be made with an average camper. Of course it is recommendable to leave home with a vehicle in a very good technical condition.


To fully enjoy the jounrey it is necessary to have a navigation device. Please contact us for more detailed information.


During this journey through Morocco we stay where it is safe in the wild outdoors at unique locations. In places where conditions do not allow it, or when we want to visit an attraction, we will stay at campsites. Campsites in Morocco are of a different quality than the campsites that we are used to in Western Europe.


The sanitary facilities, such as toilets and showers are of varying quality and do often not meet to our European standards or are even not present.


On this journey there are almost no facilities, where we can empty our grey water and toilet in a descent and environmentally friendly way. We are often designated to a place in the nature. It is important to do this at a discreet and appropriate manner, which causes no nuisance to the local residents and their live stock and crops. The use of chemical liquids is strongly discouraged. Instead of using chemicals for the toilet, there is a system on the market, called SOG; what is a good alternative to having to use no more chemicals.


The voltage is 220 volts, sometimes a little lower. Electricity is usually present on campsites, but sometimes to a limited extent.


Getting cash is possible at one f the many ATMs with debit or creditcard (maestro logo). Changing Euro is not a problem. De currency of Morocco is Dirham. 1 euro is approx. 11 Dirham. Maximum 1000 Dirham is allowed to import or export.

1 € = 11,14 DH 1 DH = 0, 09 €
1 CHF = 9,24 DH 1 DH = 0,11 CHF
1 GBP = 13,85 DH 1 DH = 0,07 GBP


The network for mobile telephony and the Internet is widespread and of good quality, especially near to the road and in big cities and in densely populated areas.


In Morocco the risk of getting ill is not much bigger then in northern Europa. There are no specific vaccination mandatory. Recommended are Hepatitis A and DTP. Inform at your doctor or health center for updated information, before you leave home.


Taking your pet on this journey is possible, but has to be notified to the travel organisation, before taking part on the journey.

‘Experience Pure Morocco’ travelling through real Morocco!